GT Racing : transaxel Gearboxes



This is the complete kit to connect one engine to a different gearbox type.
In our case it is usually a transaxle gearbox for mid-engine cars. See our transaxle details below.


Commonly used in many replica and kit cars since the 1970's the Renault UN1 type gearbox started with the 367 Four speed and the 369 five speed. They were used behind the V6 engines and a good choice for a V6 powered mid-engine car. Later the V6 UN1 gearbox was used in the Delorean, Renault Alpine and GTA. These gearboxes were desirable for conversions due to being stronger and with larger bell housings.

The last UN1 types were the Turbo versions both in V6 and 4 Cylinders. Some other gearboxes had a 3;88 diff and better still for performance the 3;44 diff. It is these gearboxes that have been used in a great number of GT40s Lola T70 Early Ultima's some Ferrari McLaren Lamborghini replicas racers projects and specials.

Being from the 1980s they are now quite rare to find in good order and only available rebuilt from specialists such as G T Racing. We usually stock the following though stock does change due to rarity of old units. All the Renault gearboxes are now very low in stock quantity. We will do our best to supply however our choice to use the 01E 6 speed from now onwards are a main gearbox offering.

  • UN1 367 four speed 3;88 diff in stock
  • UN1 369 five speed with 388 diff in stock
  • UN1 V6 Five speed with 3;88 diff in stock
  • UN1 21T five speed with 3;44 diff in stock low quantity

All the above are available with LSD such as Quaife ATB at extra cost.

There is also a UN1 upgrade using a much stronger main shaft this can cope with power up to 500hp with similar torque. Extra cost to gearbox.
We make and supply the special drive shaft adaptors that convert the standard Renault UN1 output shaft to a C V joint flange ready for 100mm or the large 108 mm Joints making drive shaft connection much easier.


The Audi 01E gearbox has become a gearbox of choice to some mid-engine car builders. Recently used on some GT40 makes using either Ford SMB V8 or Ford Modular V8 and even the later Ford COYOTE V8 engine. This gearbox has been tested by some customers up to 500hp and some even more. In the two-wheel version of the 01E the main shaft is a stronger one-piece shaft that allows significant amount of power load. NOT ALL AUDI GEARBOXES ARE THE SAME! BE WARNED. They might all look alike but they are not all the same. varying ratios, diff sizes and the amount of given power they take. Only certain types and part numbers are the ones to have.

As the Audi 01E gearbox is quite expensive to purchase new we have been sourcing used units and having them totally stripped cleaned and rebuilt to our spec. We can also fit either the WAVETRAC or QUAIFE LSD or ATB type differentials at the rebuild stage. The 01E 6 speed is now the gearbox of choice for most building our GT40 and many other mid-engine V8 replica. It is less expensive than Porsche and ZF and more available.

  • Renault UN1 turbo gearbox from £2600 low stock please enquire
  • Audi 01E gearbox from £2600 with LSD fitted £3750
  • Porsche G50 POA
  • Porsche Boxster from £3000
  • Subaru to UN1 conversion kit new product

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