Our History : GT Racing history from 1984


automotive design and manufacture. Since 1984

GT Racing has a history dating back to 1985 for specialist vehicle design and builds. Starting with high quality customer vehicles to specific chassis and body designs. Working for another quality GT40 car manufacturer G T Developments during 1988-1994 with over 380 built cars to its credit. Forming MDA in 1994 the customer list grew for individual car builds with a more demanding accuracy and design improvement. MDA GT40 LTD was started in 2003 and many more cars produced. In the World Recession in 2008 MDA GT40 LTD closed its doors due to economic pressure. Since then we have still supplied GT40 parts to our existing customers and owners of other GT40 models and other Race car owners under the name of G T Racing.

GT Racing supplies customers worldwide with unique automotive services. We are a GT40 specialist and can supply all parts including space frame chassis and original type body. We offer a wide range of GT40 items including our famous original tool made fuel filler caps, ZF top plate and many other accurate parts.

Engine Conversions Kits

We also supply engine conversions kits for V8 Ford or Chevy to Transaxles such as ZF, Audi Getrag, Renault UN1 and Porsche. These conversion kits are used on many different mid engined cars. These conversions include Adpator plates or housings, Flywheels, Clutches and special hi Torque starter motors. Our range extends to Hi quality and heavy duty spigot bearings and clutch bearings. Tried and tested in over 600 vehicles both road and race car. See our parts and photo gallery for more details.


  • In 2002

we were asked to produce a car for the Bond film "Die Another Day". The director specifically wanted a GT40 original looking Gulf MK1 race car for the opening sequence in the Korean Army camp. We produced this car, painted it into Gulf livery and made two more front ends which were "shot up" for the action sequences. Although not driven in the film it was a complete driving car. We now use this car for advertising and special shows and events. All enquiries please email.

  • In 2003

we were asked to produce three cars for the 2003 Goodwood Festival of speed and Fords own Anniversary. Specifically GT40 MKII depicting the 1966 LeMans race where Ford Famously had its most successful campaign with a 1-2-3 win. The cars were transformed from standard GT40s to MKII spec including the correct colours and all graphic markings. Two or our own cars were used in this process and a customers car who was keen to own a complete replica of the winning car. We still own the Black number two car seen on our photo.

Also in 2003 Goodwood asked us to supply the cars for the Revival meeting on Behalf of Scalextric to promote their Box sets of the Famous 1966 LeMans 1-2-3 win.

  • In 2004

MDA GT40 LTD lauched its revised series two chassis complete with original style GT40 suspension positions and original Cast alloy GT40 uprights. Using original type 6 pin knock on hubs as standard on our suspension units for a more original type wheel fitment.

  • In 2006

We supplied another car for a music video, and for shows and events.
In the years 2004-2005-2006-2007 we produced over 80 cars. Selling cars and self build packages worldwide.

  • In 2008

In 2008 We were asked to produce a Complete rolling driving chassis for a French company working on behalf of Citroen PSA group.
Working from CAD image only, we produced a CAD chassis to fit underside the graphic body image and once the project had been signed off, we produced the chassis, suspension, engine and gearbox and all drive train components. This car was later to become the Citroen GT the 2008 Supercar launched at the Paris Motor show. The project also had links with the Sony Playstation Game Grand Tourismo. Please see our photo gallery and previous projects pages.

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  • Mobile phone 0774 953 1648 (+44774953 1648 if outside UK)

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