V W vans have always caught my interest. I love the look of them but after driving one years ago it put me off. having spent all of my last twenty seven years building fast cars usually V8 GT40 etc I could not get used to the pudding gear shift, the thuddy noise that got your nowhere fast, least of all up big hills! Let alone chasing rust every week.

Having seen the iconic Split screen and bays recently been upgraded using Subaru engines, and knowing they produce some real power I thought now that is a great start in building a van.

However, I got involved in sorting another conversion kit for Subaru to UN1 gearbox and that has peaked my interest again. I supplied the UN1 gearbox as we carry stock and the diff was inverted which you can in the UN1 with some minor modifications or we can do all the work for you.

The Customer is using an Ej20 engine in his T25. I obtained an EJ20 Turbo engine V5/6 as a base for the conversion work development to UN1 and to use in my own Van project later.

Using the Conversion bell housing to UN1 it is a simple installation. You use the original Subaru Flywheel, Clutch, release bearing and lever. Using the Subaru to UN1 input shaft means the original Subaru pilot or spigot bearing is used also along with the Subaru Starter motor. This keeps all the conversion costs low.

We already supplied the drive shaft adaptors for UN1 gearboxes for our V8 conversions so these can be used for V W using 100mm or 108 mm C V joint.

Gear change can be tricky, We would use our excellent cable shift system.

There you are apart from the other engine requirements such as water cooling system, electrics to run the engine such as engine management hooked up to the VW own wiring and various sensors to run gauges so you know whats going on back there.

Now I have always wanted a van, but some thing that handles well, stops and starts well and has enough power to cruise the lanes and get up the big hills especially around here in Devon. Look out for our VW van project coming soon.

Subaru EJ25 engine fitted into the VW T25 pick up

Latest info: I have now bought a 1973 Bay window to restore. It will get a Subaru engine and a UN1 gearbox with our conversrion housing. Look out for that next year at the VW shows. Of course we sell our conversion kits and UN1 gearboxes. Just ask for advice.     gtraceparts@gmail.com